Eco-Friendly Materials
In strict compliance with domestic and foreign regulations on environmental protection throughout the processes of procurement and manufacturing, we have developed new eco-friendly molded fiber packaging method by using environmentally-certified raw materials and auxiliary materials (e.g., base paper, soy ink) as well as natural materials (e.g., cane pulp, bamboo pulp, wood leaf pulp, waste-corrugated paper) to minimize the impact of production on the environment. 

In the future, we will also employ eco-friendly materials, such as bio-degradable plastics, water-soluble adhesives, and natural pigments in manufacturing.
Eco-Friendly Package
We have broken the bottleneck that plagues traditional printing and packaging, vigorously developed eco-friendly molded fiber packaging, and applied natural materials with a stronger regeneration capacity and faster natural degradation velocity (e.g., cane pulp, bamboo pulp, and wood leaf pulp) or waste materials (e.g., corrugated paper scraps) in the development and promotion of environmentally-friendly molded fiber products. Their application in the products of more than ten well-known brands at home and abroad have effectively improved the environmental protection attributes and brand images of customer products.

Eco-friendly molded fiber packaging is molded by precision molds, offering simpler procedures, more stable structures and better protection for the customers’ products. It can be applied across many fields, such as exterior and interior packaging, interior support and corner protection, and can act as an excellent substitute for traditional packaging materials.

In the future, we will invest even more natural materials (e.g., eucalyptus, straw, corn stalks and reeds) into product R&D and promote various types of eco-friendly molded fiber products to global enterprises.
Energy-Saving And Reduced Costs
Production process optimization
Optimizing production processes, such as automation renovation, production process improvement, and production line transformation has effectively reduced the amount of electricity used in production. By virtue optimizing production processes in 2018, a t
Water Saving Optimization
By constructing a sewage treatment system and the addition of evaporable water recovery devices, at least 30,660 tons of water can be saved and 600 tons of evaporated water can be recovered each year. Water for production is 100% recycled.
Carbon Emission Optimization
More than 90% of Paishing’s carbon emissions come from production electricity (indirect emissions).Therefore,in 2018,Paishing completed transformation of all light sources and used 100% energy-saving light sources. We will reduce carbon emissions through even more measures,such as reducing electricity consumption per unit of production and reducing transportation kilometers per unit of production.The plan is to reduce carbon emissions by 304 tons of CO2 from 2019 to 2021.
Cultural Diversity
Paishing has always adhered to the talent concept of " employees are the company’s most valuable wealth" and regularly held sporting events,competitions,training,and other activities to invigorate their employees;enhance their comprehensive quality;encourage employees to enjoy life with a relaxed and peaceful mentality,further enhance the staff’s spirit of unity,collaboration,hard work and enterprising of employees;and improve employee happiness and belonging.
Social Responsibility
  • Recruitment of Disabled Employees
    Recruited more than 100 disabled employees and provided them with "special" care.
  • Focus on Child Development
    Set up a charity fund to support children in need.
  • Poverty alleviation in Remote Areas
    Donated money and goods to remote areas and purchased agricultural products.
  • Regular Volunteer Activities
    Organize regular volunteer activities to contribute to city construction.
  • Social Facility Donation
    Donate to build public facilities, such as urban high-standard public toilets.

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