Energy-Saving And Reduced Costs
Optimizing production processes through automation renovation, internal processes improvements and production line transformation has effectively reduced the amount of electricity used in production.
We put a strong focus on managing our water usage and ensuring that water is re-used and recycled - 100% of water for production is recycled through a performing recycling system.

By constructing a sewage treatment system and adding evaporable water recovery devices, we are able to save a minimum of 30’660 tons of water and recycle at least 600 tons of evaporated water.
We recognize the urgent need to address the global challenge of climate change by reducing carbon emissions. As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we are taking concrete steps to further reduce our carbon footprint.

As more than 90% of Paishing’s carbon emissions come from electricity usage, one key area of focus is the reduction of electricity consumption in our production units. Therefore, we are implementing measures to optimize our energy usage, invest in energy-efficient technologies, and promote responsible energy practices across our facilities. For example, in 2018 Paishing changed all lights and started to use 100% energy saving lamps.

Additionally, we are actively working to reduce the transportation of goods, which is another significant source of carbon emissions. To achieve this, we have strategically positioned our production facilities near the delivery points of our goods or shipping ports. By leveraging our production footprint, we can minimize the distance traveled and the associated carbon emissions during transportation.

Paishing remains committed to advancing sustainable practices throughout our organization. We are engaging with our employees, suppliers, and partners to foster a culture of environmental responsibility.