A happy day for female workers in Paishing

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In March, with the spring, the 112th "March Eighth" International Working Women's Day. In order to better care for female workers, unite female workers and serve female workers, Chongqing Paishing sent beautiful festival wishes to all female workers. Party branch and trade union carefully prepared rich celebration activities to create a strong festival atmosphere, so that all female workers in the world's most beautiful March day relaxed, spent a happy day.

Early in the morning of March 8, the wechat group of Kaicheng became busy. The company first sent the most beautiful holiday wishes to all the female employees, and then the employees also sent their best wishes. The happy day of Paishing female employees began!

Since it is the exclusive festival of female workers, the blessing of the leaders is indispensable. In the morning, Mr. Zhang came to the workshop and sent festival gifts to the female workers. He expressed his heartfelt thanks and sincere wishes to the female workers who have been working hard in various positions for a long time.

Die cutting workshop, General Zhang, General Wang, Secretary Chen for everyone to distribute holiday gifts

Half a day off in the afternoon, so that all male workers envy. In order to make the half day more fulfilling and happy, the party branch and trade union of the company carefully planned the "explore Bishan Guyi Culture, bloom the Goddess of Paishing style" festival expansion activities in Bishan Ancient Road Bay Park, arranged barbecue, hot pot, dumplings, team games, a total of more than 60 female workers from various departments signed up to participate. In the barbecue area of Gudaowan Park, the "goddesses" were divided into six groups, showing their skilled cooking skills without misgiving. The dumplings with thin skin and big filling, the grilling with an overwhelming aroma, and the hot pot hit everyone's taste buds again and again. We enjoy the beauty of the park, while enjoying the buffet food, all the fatigue seems to vanish at this moment.

The brain burner is cooking delicious food

We all raised a toast to celebrate our holiday

At the end of the meal, everyone washes the dishes together

After the buffet is over, under the organization of the staff, six groups begin a "circle to the bottom" and "grab the water bottle" two extended game PK. Each group in accordance with the rules of the activity, give full play to the spirit of team cooperation, the scene of the competition atmosphere is warm, laughter and laughter, fully demonstrate the unity, cooperation, health and upward spirit of Paishing female workers. The game is played in a tense atmosphere and ends in a harmonious and happy atmosphere. In one afternoon, the female workers relieved the pressure of work, improved the understanding of each other, and greatly improved the happiness.

The "One circle to the bottom" game is underway

The Water Bottle game is in progress

Pian if surprised hong, Wan if you dragon, can such as Chunhua, Jiao such as autumn moon...... The ancients created a lot of words to describe the gentleness and gentleness of women. Now, the female workers of Paishing are as strong as men. They hold up the "half of the sky" of the enterprise development with the female spirit of the new era of self-confidence, self-improvement and skilled and exquisite business ability, and become an important force to promote the high-quality development of Paishing!

After the event, everyone took a group photo