Dongguan die Cutting Division staff birthday party in April and May 2023

ADDTIME:2023-06-13VIEW:1272AUTHOR:Paishing Technology
All spring, summer, autumn and winter, is the most beautiful in April and May, the rain in April washes the sky in May, the flowers are beautiful, the trees are like the sea, everything seems so enthusiastic and full of vitality. In such a beautiful season, a group of lovely "relatives" around us ushered in the most important day - to birthday!

On the evening of May 27th, Dongguan company held a lively and warm birthday Party for the employees who had birthdays in April and May. Everyone got together happily. The birthday party was organized by the human resources Administration Department of the die-cutting division of the company, accompanied by the warm entrance music, the birthday star was full, everyone was excited, with the opening ceremony of the host, officially opened the prelude to the event.

At the birthday party, everyone has shown a versatile side, don't look at everyone usually in the work of a serious look, the original is not real show, a crouching tiger hidden dragon, are hiding a good talent! Chen Qianqiu of the business Department and Wang Yujun of the production equipment Department sang a song for everyone and received warm applause from the whole audience. In the game session, the birthday stars sang the net red children's song "Dig dig dig dig" under the leadership of the host, pushing the scene atmosphere to a climax.

At the end of the event, Ms. Xiao Yan, HR Administration manager, thanked everyone for their efforts and contributions to the construction and development of the company on behalf of the company, and also sent the best wishes to all of us birthday stars. I hope everyone will continue to gather their energy in their respective positions and work hard to compete with time and the market to create a better future together!

Sincere pay can always warm people's hearts, in the company's "big family", every "family" is vital to us, sincerely hope that every employee of the company can play all their enthusiasm on this big platform, gain, grow, with the development of the company, together to achieve their own value and goals!